Guide To Creating A Smart Cryptocurrency Investing Program

Whether you plan on investing a small or large amount of your money into crypto assets it is imperative to have a smart crypto investing program in place. You know you cannot drive down to the neighborhood bank to buy cryptos. Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital currencies that are neither issued nor controlled by banks, governments, or any financial institution. So, how you can be sure about how to invest in it? Here are some useful guidelines that can help you make crypto investments:

  • To begin with, you must allocate only a minor percentage of your investment portfolio to crypto assets and spread your money across traditional investment options too like bonds and stocks. It is natural to feel tempted if you monitor the recent price surges for the Bitcoin but you also have to remember that we tend to make decisions based on fear and greed; the latter can be hard to control and can lead to disastrous consequences. Ideally, you must refrain from investing 5%-10% in cryptos and not more. You are guaranteed to get returns only when crypto prices escalate and stay in that position for a while. Actually, cryptos were meant to be mediums of exchange; not originally crafted as investments. They were to replace traditional currencies like the USD to facilitate faster money transfers.
  • You must make the right choice of crypto for investment. This becomes an important step to a smart investing program because you are likely to get confused with the overwhelming number of cryptos today. For instance, The Bitcoin has been the first digital currency and continues to hold its sway while others like Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, etc are slowly making their presence felt. In view of Bitcoin’s popularity, it is natural that you should invest largely in this asset; other coins can occupy smaller positions. The truth is many cryptos that emerged in the past are no longer there; so, you investments could tantamount to zilch if you are reckless.
  • To invest smart, you need a reliable platform for buying cryptos. You will not be able to purchase them at brokerage firms or banks. You have to look for reputed cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. The payment structure, transaction fees, cryptos offered, security provisions, etc are likely to differ from one exchange to another.
  • You will need a wallet for storing your cryptos safely. While you can find many wallets out there, like desktop wallet, paper wallet, mobile wallet, etc, you should choose one where you are confident your money will be secure. The wallet is nothing but software that stores your public and private keys for accessing your coins. Both keys are required for transactions. Besides storing and allowing you to send and receive funds, wallets will display records of your transactions. While desktop wallets can be installed on the computer, online wallets are on the cloud. These are prone to hacks and thefts as they are third-party controlled. Mobile wallets come as smartphone apps while hardware wallets are keys on hardware devices like the USB.
  • Even with everything in place you cannot guarantee your investments will offer returns because the crypto market is highly volatile. Instability is the norm here, and unlike traditional investments, cryptos are not at all predictable.


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